Residence permit in Kiev, registration in Kiev
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Residence permit for a half-day, officially open daily from 9:00 to 22:00

Residence permit in Kiev, registration

If you need a registration in Kiev cheaply, officially and for half of the day, our Center provides services for registration in Kiev. We register citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, families with children, immigrants from the ATO regions, Crimea.

Our difference from competitors – registration in Kiev is carried out in their own apartments, which help with the avoid problems with inadequate, unpredictable owners. For men help with the removal and staging in the military registration and enlistment office.

You can buy a registration in Kiev quickly, at the lowest price, officially, with our full support. We inform you all incoming correspondence and, if necessary – extend the term of our cooperation. We will help to paste a photo in the passport. We will organize the exchange of the old passport of 1994 for a new one. Quickly issue a foreign passport of Ukraine.

Foreign citizens will help, quickly and guaranteed issue a residence permit, we will apply for Ukrainian citizenship. We will provide a notarized permission (consent, for submission to the HMS) from the owner of the housing, where the registration will be carried out. If there was a delay in registration, we will help you to register the protocols and penalties.


Registration in Kiev – buy the registration cheaply, officially and quickly

How much is the registration in Kiev today, the pros and cons, and whether it is a prerequisite of life in our city.

Recently in everyday life our citizens have the term "to buy a residence permit in Kiev for money" - this concept is dictated by the modern realities of life and, if you asked the question "Do I need this?" If you really want not only to feel 100% resident of Kiev, but really to make the most of all the economic and social benefits that this status gives – a registration of Kiev, is undoubtedly necessary, and the cost itself fully justifies itself, and is absolutely adequate to the benefits, which you will receive in return.


Temporary residence permits or registration in Kiev

Make a temporary registration in Kiev through with our Center can be cheap, quickly and absolutely legal.

  • Cheap, since "buy” registration may be at a price below 10 hryvnias per day.
  • Quickly, as the law prescribes to conduct a "temporary" registration for one day.
  • Absolutely legal, as the registration procedure is necessary only in your presence, carried out by local authorities.


Let's look at the main points of obtaining a registration, which documents are required (in each case may differ), the very procedure of your interaction with us in the registration process, we will cover as much as possible in what cases, and why the Kyiv registration and for whom it is necessary.


Registration in Kiev - required documents, registration procedure, who needs it

Registration in Kiev - what documents are needed

  • Identity documents.
  • A coupon for withdrawal (optionally) from previous place of registration.
  • A military ticket (if served) or military registration certificate.
  • For foreigners who are lawfully on the territory of our state - the list of documents is somewhat different.


Procedure of registration

  • We are submitting documents in CPAS for registration.
  • We offer you to check all the documents for the ownership housing, which is temporarily registered.
  • After the fulfillment of the prescribed registration actions, you receive your documents back with the stamp on registration.


Registration in Kiev is needed to

  • Registration, re-registration of business: (for the founders).
  • Performing notarial actions.
  • Choosing a convenient court.
  • Getting a loan in the banking sector.
  • Select forum shopping.
  • Carrying out the necessary actions with real estate.
  • Registration of pension and other social benefits.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Reception of visas, registration of the passport to travel abroad. 
  • Treatment in public medical institutions.
  • Registration of children in pre-school, school.
  • Clearance of documents for employment.


Our advantages

  • Accompanying absolutely on all issues of registration.
  • Registration is only in their own apartments.
  • Efficiency (in the morning submitted documents – in the afternoon received, "registration ready").
  • Officially.
  • Low price.
  • Without intermediaries.
  • The opportunity to extend a registration.
  • Support incoming mail for the entire period of cooperation.


Our guarantee

  • We provide the client to check the full set documents confirming the ownership of housing, for registration.
  • If the registration is not due to our fault – we return the full cost of the service.


And remember – we work for you and thanks to you. If you have a very complicated, confusing situation – anyway, we will try to help.

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