Residence permit in Kiev, registration in Kiev
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Residence permit in Ukraine

Residence permit in Ukraine Residence permit in Ukraine, registration certificates for a residence permit, the procedure for obtaining, what a foreigner should know and take into account, wishing to receive it.

 The residence permit in Ukraine is a legal field, a fixed right, as a citizen of a foreign country, and any person who does not have citizenship, to reside, live, work, and other activities on the territory of Ukraine.

 Our Center for registration offers the lowest prices, compared to competitors operating in the market of immigration services. We work according to the legislation of Ukraine, therefore the terms of TRP are 10 working days, and PRP of two to three months.

 Center managers in your presence will help you legally, quickly and cheaply make registration (register in Kiev), to collect the necessary documents themselves will overcome all the kinks in the field. Bureaucratic procedures - this is not a problem for us, we will pay the necessary payments, and "bring the hand" to the moment you receive the long-awaited residence permit in Ukraine.

 If for some reason, the foreigner did not make the registration on time, we will quickly draw up the necessary protocols and be able to pay the fines, and on the same day we will perform the required registration.


Residence permit in Ukraine for Russians

 Note that in the present conditions, a residence permit in Ukraine for the Russians (Russian citizens), despite the complexity and uncertainty of the political situation, drawn up by the same rules.

 A citizen of any foreign country who has received a valid residence permit in Ukraine must register his place of residence as soon as possible (register), our price for registration (registration) will pleasantly surprise you. If the place of residence has changed, then it is necessary to re-register in accordance with a law that fully regulates both freedom of movement and the freedom to choose a place of residence within a set period of up to THIRTY calendar days, the countdown from the date (when signed) when handed over to the HMS.


The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine

 Briefly describe the general procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, although, as you understand, everything in life is much more complicated and more lasting:

  • Prepare a complete of necessary documents.
  • Contact the territorial office (at the place of the alleged registration) of the HMS.
  • Fill out an application with the necessary package of documents.
  • Actually, get a certificate of permanent or temporary residence permit.


 Below are the main provisions of the legislation regarding the procedure for obtaining residence permits in Ukraine.


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