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Foreign passport in Kiev

Foreign passport of Ukraine

 Our Registration Center will help you to issue your foreign passport in Kiev quickly, at a fixed time, without queues and at the most attractive price. Registration of biometric passports for traveling abroad, it is necessary for all categories of Ukrainian citizens who wish to freely, without placing an additional visa to travel to the EU "Schengen".


Foreign passport in Kiev - to issue cheap, officially, quickly

 What is the price or how much does it cost to quickly issue a foreign passport in Kiev, or for how much you can buy a biometric passport in Kiev? Our company provides the most favorable conditions on the market, we work strictly according to the norms of the legislation of Ukraine and do not offer our clients terms for which we will not be able to fulfill our obligations, and our price will pleasantly surprise you. Quickly as submission of documents takes less than 15 minutes. Our managers Registration Center and registration in Kiev to help fill out the necessary application, take help, will pay all required payments, and driven to obtain the passport of Ukraine.


Biometric foreign passport - the necessary documents, procedure, who needs to register


  • passport of Ukraine with a registration stamp or plastic passport of a new type with a certificate of registration (originals and copies);
  • tax code (necessarily the original and a copy);
  • if there is an old valid passport, you need to take it with you and make a photocopy of the main page.



  • filling in the necessary applications;
  • submission of documents;
  • payment of state duty (receipt);
  • scanning of fingerprints;
  • photographing.


Who needs to register:

  • all citizens of Ukraine, including children, since the children's travel documents have been canceled, and there is no possibility to paste (insert) photos of children in the foreign passport of their parents.


Registration of the foreign passport for a child from 0 to 12 years

  • the presence of children is not necessary;
  • birth certificate;
  • make a photo of a child 10 x 15 on a white background;
  • passports and compulsory presence of a parent;
  • administrative fee (receipt).


Registration of the foreign passport for a child from 14 to 16 years

  • obligatory presence of the child;
  • "ID - card" with a liner on registration;
  • passports and the presence of parents;
  • administrative fee (receipt).


The passport is valid for 10 years for adults, for minors - 5 years.

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