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The law about a residence permit or registration in Ukraine

Residence permit in Kiev stamp in the passport If you are interested in registration in Kiev, you are looking for a law on registration, this article has answers to the main questions you are interested in. We have placed for you up-to-date, exhaustive information.

 Until the end of the existence of the Union, registration restrained internal migration, we can say that this was the mechanism of total control of our state over citizens. The meaning was the following "where registered – there, be kind and live".

 Not so long ago, a familiar registration, the registration was proudly replaced – a similar but largely different procedure. A distinctive feature is not compulsory – permissive, but the notification nature of registration. We can state with certainty that we simply notify the state of a new place of life. The registration procedure itself, significantly reduced to one day. But despite the correctness of most of the changes that have taken place, in practice, in our daily lives, a registration is required, and will be required even further: in various social services, when submitting the necessary documents for visa issuance, in banking institutions, when applying for a job, services, assistance in public institutions, when registering and re-registering business, for all real estate transactions.

 Based on the adopted law regulating the activities of local government (authorities) and on providing administrative services under the number 888-VIII, which was adopted on 10.12.2015, all local administrations, rather than the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the State Migration Service, now completely register.

 Since May 2017, "weighting" the rule, if necessary, to register your child who reached the age of 14, it was required to issue an ID card at the place of residence in the HMS, although the registration was free, but without this step, the registration was impossible – now this rate is canceled. Now you can continue to prescribe the child, as before – with the consent of both parents, and with the presence of passports and birth certificates. For the rest of our citizens who want to get a new ID card, instead of the old 1994 passport, the cost is determined by 10% of the minimum current salary. If there was a loss or damage to the old "blue" passport, you can not get a new paper one again, only a plastic card is issued.

 Act No. 1382-IV adopted on 11.12.2003, which approved the freedom of movement and established the freedom to choose a place of life, set out the procedure for registration. If you need to get acquainted with the Law on Registration or as it is now called, on registration in Ukraine, it can be found on the electronic resource of the Rada of Ukraine. For you, we have placed this Law (just below).


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