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Citizenship of Ukraine

Ukrainian passport

 How to get Citizenship of Ukrainian, what is necessary to know a citizen of a foreign country for successful registration of Ukrainian citizenship.

 In the modern world social system, to be a citizen of any state – is to be protected, because all countries, in varying degrees, are trying to protect each of their citizens. 

 Foreigners, living in Ukraine, registration of citizenship of our country immediately gives privileges to use as the freedoms and rights, and imposes a "burden" of incurring obligations according to the current law of Ukraine.

 Any foreigner who wants to obtain the Citizenship of Ukraine, must be prepared for an easy, tedious, time-consuming process. Only the presence of weighty, confirmed grounds, the necessary documents, all the references, does not guarantee the success of the initiated case. To observe all legal formalities, subtleties, bureaucratic procedures, "pleasant" communication with our officials for a foreign citizen can turn out to be an unbearable occupation.

 Specialists of our registration center in Kiev will analyze the real possibility of obtaining citizenship, take the necessary information, pay all payments, translate all the necessary documents and bring you "by the hand" to receive the Citizenship of Ukraine.

 We will give consent to registration in our housing, notarized (if necessary), and together with you we will come to the filing of documents. If you only need our permission – pick up a "clean" the apartment, in order to avoid failure at registration of citizenship.

 We register in an apartment, "suitable" for further submission of documents for the Citizenship of Ukraine.

 We help to make a certificate confirming the citizenship of your child.

 Considering the fact that the citizens of Ukraine were given visa-free entry to the EU, the value of obtaining the citizenship of our country has increased enormously.

 Comprehensive information for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship is set out in the Law "On Citizenship of Ukraine", which regulates the procedural aspects for obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

 Below we have placed the most up-to-date text of this law:


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