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Residence permit in Kiev

Residence permit in Ukraine

 Residence permit in Kiev, what every foreign citizen needs to take into account and know, for successful registration, obtaining a residence permit for Ukraine.

 Residence permit in Ukraine is the right of residence of a person of a foreign state that is not a citizen of our country, as well as persons without citizenship, to fully live, work, come or leave, conduct commercial or other activities, enshrined by the state of Ukraine on a long-term basis, permitted by the legislation of Ukraine. In other words, a residence permit is a legal status that gives the right to live in Ukraine.

 In the case of a temporary residence permit, the only significant limitation is the duration of the status, and in some cases (if the residence permit is issued on the basis of marriage with a citizen of Ukraine) — a limitation on legal employment. If a foreigner wants to work legally in Ukraine, a work permit is required. Permanent residence permit, has no time limit and gives the right to work, except for public service. The main difference between a permanent residence permit and citizenship of Ukraine is the lack of the opportunity to vote in elections and serve in the army of our country.

 The main advantage of cooperation with our Center is quality, efficiency and necessarily low price in comparison with competitors. We work in strict accordance with the current legislative field of Ukraine. Note that the extension of the temporary residence permit must be carried out 15 (working) days before the expiration of the legal status. If a foreign citizen wants to apply for, receive a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, then first, documents for immigration are drawn up, and then they receive a certificate of a permanent residence permit, it can take up to one year for general registration.

 The specialists of our Center will promptly collect all the required documents, help arrange transfers, bypass and overcome bureaucratic obstacles, pay all payments, provide comfortable processing conditions, without queues at the State Migration Service of Ukraine. We guide each client from the beginning to the receipt of the coveted certificate of residence permit or residence permit.

Necessary conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Kiev

  • Legal presence of a foreigner in Ukraine.
  • There should be no outstanding criminal record in Ukraine.
  • A foreigner must comply with the grounds prescribed in the legislation.
  • The foreign passport of a foreigner must be valid, with a validity period of more than six months.

Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Kiev — the most common grounds:

  • Studying at the institutes of Ukraine.
  • Marriage of a foreign citizen with our compatriot or a person with a residence permit in Ukraine.
  • A formalized work permit.
  • Volunteer work.

Obtaining a permanent residence permit in Kiev — the most common grounds:

  • If a foreigner has married a person who already has the status of a residence permit in Ukraine.
  • If a foreigner has been married to a citizen of our country for more than two years.
  • By territorial origin.
  • Confirmed first or second degree of relationship.
  • If more than 100 thousand dollars have been invested in the Ukrainian economy.

 It should be noted that when applying for an immigration permit, the processing time can be up to one year. For all foreign citizens, we provide notarized consent to register a foreigner. Notarial consent for a foreigner's residence permit is provided for good apartments, with the subsequent presence of the owner of the property when submitting a package of documents for an immigration permit. If required, in the process of obtaining a permit, we confirm with the authorities of the State Migration Service of Ukraine that the foreigner lives at our address.

Residence permit in Ukraine for Russians and Belarusians

  • For all Russian citizens there are no obstacles or differences in the registration of a residence permit or residence permit, or citizenship of Ukraine, if compared with citizens of other states. The procedure for registration, terms, rules for obtaining a residence permit certificate remained unchanged.
  • For citizens of Belarus, especially in the current political situation in the republic, who belong to the IT sphere, it is planned to somewhat simplify the registration procedure and speed up the time (up to three days) for obtaining the status, expand the list of grounds for registration.

Residence permit in Kiev — registration in Kiev

 All foreign citizens who have a valid residence permit certificate are required to apply for a registration (registration of place of residence).

Our managers will help every foreigner who already has a certificate of residence permit to register (register in Kiev). Absolutely all registration procedures are carried out promptly, in just a couple of hours, in the presence of the customer, legally and cheaply. Every foreign citizen who has received the legal status of residence in Ukraine is obliged to issue a registration within 30 days. If a foreigner was unable to obtain a registration during this time, then he must visit the SMS authorities, pay a fines and get your hands on the protocols. Our company helps to resolve these issues in the SMS authorities as quickly as possible and with the least loss of financial resources.

Our price for registration (registration in Kiev) will pleasantly surprise you. If a foreigner needs to change his place of registration, then he again is given thirty days and not a day more.

 For certificates in the form of a booklet or a plastic card, the most basic thing to know — the date printed on the residence permit certificate, and the actual time of receipt of the certificate by a foreigner in the hands — may be different. Thirty days must be counted from the date printed on the certificate. If a foreigner received a certificate from the State Migration Service with a significant delay, then it is necessary from the inspector to demand an accompanying certificate of real time receipt (in hand) of a residence permit certificate. After the document is received, the time allotted for registration is counted from the date according to the certificate. During the procedure for extending the residence permit of Ukraine, it is necessary to indicate the address of actual residence.

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Kiev

  • Collection of the required package of documents (notarized translation, insurance, certificates, marriage certificate).
  • Independently or according to a power of attorney, come to the authority authorized to receive documents (Administrative Service Center, passport service, departments of the State Migration Service of Ukraine).
  • Make the payment of the necessary state payments for the execution of registration, competently, competently, fill in the required applications, and submit documents for registration.
  • After two to three weeks, having received the appropriate notification on the phone, pick up a ready-made residence permit certificate.

 Important aspects of the legislation are noted below, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is considered.


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