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 You need to find information about the concept of registration in Kiev or registration, or you just want to familiarize yourself with the law on registration of a place of residence, or the law on registration. Below is a summary of registration and typical answers to pressing questions about registration. We will try to present the most important, comprehensive information about registration in Ukraine.

 Historical information about registration. If we take a historical cut of the times of the Soviet Union, which we now call the familiar word the institution of registration, at that time existed in the form of registration, which was an incredibly strong, enslaving factor for a person, limiting the natural movement (migration) of citizens in the country as much as possible. There was a strict binding of a person to a specific place of life and, accordingly, the address of residence. Registration was a mechanism designed to restrict not only migration within a large country, but especially registration did not allow residents of villages and villages to migrate to cities. Sometimes it came to completely absurd situations — the internal passports of rural residents were locked in the safes of state or collective farm administrations. It was almost impossible to change the place of residence, and, accordingly, registration. The ultimate goal was to ensure the constancy of the location, control and binding of the population to specific regions of the country. For government, it was very convenient, but for ordinary citizens it created incredible restrictions in everyday life. To change his place of residence, and accordingly change his registration, he had to go to work at nationwide construction sites, serve in the army, formalize a marriage with a person registered in the city, try to enter and study at institutes.

 Reference. From 14.11. In 2001, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine decided to recognize the institution of propiska as non-constitutional, one that does not meet modern realities of life, democratic principles, norms and significantly restricts the freedom of migration of citizens within the state. Then, almost two years later, a law was adopted on the free choice of place of residence and freedom of movement for every citizen of Ukraine. The adoption of the law greatly simplified the life of ordinary citizens, the institution of registration of place of residence was introduced and the institution of registration was abolished. In practice, registration is not very different from registration, although it provides much more freedom and removes all the restrictions for which registration was famous. The main essence of the innovations boiled down to the following — citizens notify the state of the address, the place where they will live for more than six months during the year. In real life, fundamental changes took place in the spring of 2016, after the Cabinet of Ministers adopted Resolution No.207, which clearly regulated all the subtleties and rules of registration in practice. The resolution states that in order to register (propiska), it is required to submit the following documents to the district administration at the place of future registration: for our compatriots — an internal passport (ID card or booklet) of a citizen of Ukraine, for foreign citizens — a certificate of residence permit or residence permit, certificate of ownership of housing, fill out an application for deregistration and registration, pay a state fee.

Registration of the permanent place of residence of a citizen of Ukraine, by the state administration must be completed in one day, as prescribed by the law. If a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner needs to change his place of residence, then the place of registration must also be changed, the rules for this are given a maximum period of thirty calendar days. There is a possibility of simultaneous removal from the previous place of registration and registration at a new place. Registration at the present stage is not just a stamp in a passport, but a mandatory entry in the electronic register of registered persons. We must admit the fact that a lot of practical aspects in the modern life of the country remained tied to registration, and where the old familiar registration was required, now registration of your place of residence is required. Budget planning of regions, districts, cities is carried out on the basis of data on the number of registered persons in a specific administrative territory. Accordingly, the distribution of financial resources for the maintenance of kindergartens, schools, hospitals, institutions, administrations, social services, utilities, military registration and enlistment offices, social infrastructure and much more is calculated in accordance with the data of the register of registered persons. The need for registration in modern conditions helps government agencies to competently use financial resources when planning the development of each region, to plan budgets.

Every foreign citizen who has formalized the legal status of his stay in Ukraine, respectively having a certificate of residence permit or residence permit, on a par with the citizens of our state, is obliged to register, residence, within the time allotted by law, namely, thirty calendar days. If a foreigner did not manage to complete a residence permit (registration), then he becomes a violator of the registration rules and falls under administrative responsibility. It is necessary to visit the authorities of the Migration Service, explain the reason for the lack of registration, pay the fine and receive reports on the administrative violation. Fines and protocols are issued to the foreigner and the host party (spouses, institutions, firms, organizations).

The state has regulated the rules for the provision of administrative services, in particular, the activities of local authorities (administrations) have been unified. By Decree No. 888-VIII, dated December 10, 2015, the function of registering a place of residence was given to state administrations represented by the Centers for the provision of administrative services, previously this was in charge of the Migration Service (passport office), under the control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. That is why the "passport officers" stopped working.

 The law, adopted on 11.11.2003, No. 1382-IV, "proclaimed" freedom of movement and freedom to choose a place of residence (registration). The Cabinet of Ministers issued Resolution No. 207 which describes in detail the registration procedure (residence permit). If you want to study in detail this document describing the rules of registration in Ukraine, below we have published the full text of this law, the original of which can always be found on the website of the Verkhovna Rada.


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