Residence permit in Kiev, registration Kiev
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Residence permit in Kiev, registration

You need registration in Kiev quickly, in just two to three hours, cheaply and officially, our Legal Center provides a registration service in Kiev. We register as quickly as possible, citizens of foreign countries, our compatriots, families with adults and young children, citizens from the east and south of Ukraine.

Our main advantage is registration in Kiev, registration Kiev, is carried out exclusively in our own apartments, which is confirmed by the presence of title documents, we conclude an official contract for the entire registration period — and this is confidence, a real guarantee and peace of mind, from various incidents, surprises, misunderstandings with inadequate owners other housing. For men from 17 to 59 years old, we provide assistance in registering with the military registration and enlistment office for registration, registration in Kiev.

The center will help you buy a registration in Kiev at the lowest price, quickly and legally with our comprehensive support during registration. We inform all our clients about incoming correspondence. In case of immigration from Ukraine to other countries for permanent residence — we help to issue Form 16 for the consulate. We will help you to issue a Form 13 certificate of registration. We help to issue a foreign passport in Kiev. We can quickly change your passport in Kiev to a biometric (ID card). You need to quickly paste a photo into a paper passport — we will help.

Registration Kiev for foreign citizens who have a certificate of permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit is issued in just 10 minutes. We help foreign citizens to obtain a residence permit, to obtain citizenship of Ukraine. If a foreign citizen did not complete it during registration, we will provide support in processing fines at the State Migration Service of Ukraine. We provide assistance in extending the legal stay of a foreign citizen in Ukraine. We draw up a notarized consent to register a foreigner in Kiev (notarized consent to register a foreigner in Kiev), for clean, good apartments, for the successful registration of an immigration permit.


Registration in Kiev — buy quickly, officially, cheaply

What is the price, or how much does it cost to register in Kiev, Kiev region, register Kiev in 2021, does a person's comfortable life depend on having a registration in the capital?

Registration Kiev or "buy a registration in Kiev for money", this saying is dictated by modern living conditions in Kiev. Registration in the capital takes an important place in the life of every person living in Kiev. If you want to register in Kiev or are wondering if you need a registration in Kiev? For a simple answer to this question, you can simply list all the advantages of a valid registration and draw a conclusion. If you want to make the most of all the legal benefits, economic and social benefits, if you want to feel like a full-fledged citizen of Kiev, then Kiev registration — registration in Kiev is undoubtedly important. If you want to solve a problem or achieve your goal, then Kiev registration — registration Kiev is guaranteed to be needed, and the cost of registration is very insignificant in comparison with the benefits received from the current registration.


Temporary registration or registration in Kiev

To issue a registration in Kiev, a residence permit in Kiev with the help of Registration Center is fast, cheap and absolutely legal.

  • Fast — the law obliges the administrative authorities to issue a registration in just one day.
  • Cheap — you can "buy" a registration in Kiev at a price that is much less than 10 hryvnia per day.
  • Legal — registration is made in your presence in the state administrations of Kiev.


Registration Kiev — we will clarify the necessary documents, we will describe in detail the registration procedure, we will reveal the scheme of our interaction with you during registration, we will consider why and who needs a Kiev registration.


Registration in Kiev — documents, registration procedure, why and who needs it

Registration in Kiev — documents

  • Citizens of Ukraine — an internal passport, foreign citizens — a certificate of permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit.
  • If you have an ID card, you must provide a certificate of registration or lack thereof.
  • For men, from 17 to 60 years old — a temporary certificate of a liable for military service or a military ID.
  • For children, an original birth certificate is required.


Registration in Kiev — registration procedure

  • We agree on a convenient time for you to visit one of the regional state administrations of Kiev, receive a ticket for an appointment with a specialist, pay the state fee for registration, at the same time fill in the required applications (for registration — an extract), provide the administrator with the necessary documents for registration.
  • We show you the originals of title documents for the housing in which we are registering.
  • The administration employee checks the accepted documents for compliance with the current legislation and registration rules, forms an internal case for registration, providing in return a form — an inventory containing basic data on registration with a stamp, an administrator's signature, then, on the basis of this form, you can receive a ready-made document with a registration
  • After the registration department makes an entry in the electronic register of registered persons, a notification from the administration about the readiness of registration will be sent to the contact number of the applicant.
  • It remains to come to the administration again and get a document with a ready-made registration.
  • We kindly ask all clients — during a visit to the administration, keep their distance and wear a mask correctly, regardless of the type of services received.


Registration in Kiev — required for

  • Admission of children to kindergartens and schools.
  • Citizens of foreign states with a permanent residence permit or temporary residence permit certificate of Ukraine.
  • For registration of a driver's license.
  • Private business registration.
  • Registration of work visas to European countries.
  • Conducting preferential treatment in the capital's medical institutions.
  • Changing the internal passport of Ukraine or obtaining a passport in Kiev.
  • Registration in the capital for work.
  • Paste photo into passport in Kiev.
  • Registration of the card of the Kievite.
  • Conducting economic activities.
  • Initial car registration in Kiev.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Registration of the certificate Form 13.
  • Receipt of subsidies from the social protection authorities.
  • Conducting transactions with movable or immovable property.
  • Successful registration of benefits, pensions, social benefits.
  • The right maternity hospital.

Registration in Kiev for a child under 14 years old

  • It is necessary to provide a birth certificate of the child.
  • If the child is registered, a Form 13 certificate is needed.
  • The child is prescribed with the consent of both parents.
  • Registration is possible with two parents or with one of them.

Our advantages

  • The lowest price for all services provided.
  • Registration is ready in a few hours.
  • Submission of documents takes up to 10 minutes.
  • Registration is carried out in accordance with the current registration rules.
  • The possibility of extending registration for the period you need.
  • Registration is provided in personal apartments owned by our company.
  • We inform about incoming correspondence.
  • Registration of certificates: Form 16, Form 13.
  • We provide notarized consent, permission to register (residence) a foreigner in Kiev.
  • Comprehensive support during the registration process.


Our guarantees

  • In the event that the service was not provided through our fault, we will instantly refund the full cost of the services you paid for.
  • We show you for verification the originals of title documents for our apartments, required for registration.


Dear compatriots and foreign friends, remember that our Center will quickly, competently, responsibly, strictly confidentially help solve your problems. We are here for you.

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