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Residence permit in Kiev, registration

You need registration in Kiev quickly, in just two — three hours, officially, cheaply, our Center provides registration service in Kiev. We quickly register citizens of Ukraine, foreigners, register families with young children, compatriots from the eastern regions of our country, Crimea.

Our main advantage — registration in Kiev, registration Kiev, is made out exclusively in our own apartments, which is confirmed by the presence of legal documents — and this is guaranteed calm, protection from various surprises, misunderstandings, with inadequate owners of other apartments. We support the male population in the operational registration of military records for registration, registration.

The center will help to buy a registration in Kiev at the lowest price, quickly, legally with comprehensive support. We inform you of incoming correspondence. If necessary, we will extend the term of our cooperation (registration). We provide assistance in obtaining a certificate of registration Form 13, for travel to permanent residence in other countries we will help to apply for Form 16. We can quickly change passport in Kiev to biometric (ID card). We will help to get foreign passport in Kiev. We will help to paste a photo into the passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

The registration of Kyiv citizens of foreign countries is carried out in just 15 minutes. We help foreigners to issue a residence permit, obtain citizenship of Ukraine. We provide a notarized consent to registration for good apartments for registration of permanent residence. We will help to extend your legal stay in Ukraine. If a foreigner has been delayed registration — we will help with minimal time and finance, pay fines and get protocols in the SMS.


Registration in Kiev — buy cheap, officially, quickly

What is the price, or how much is a registration in Kiev, the Kiev region, is it necessary to have it for a comfortable life in the capital?

Reristration Kiev or "buy registration in Kiev for money", this expression meets modern living conditions. If you asked yourself a question — do you need a registration in Kiev or registration? To clearly answer, you just need to compare all the benefits that registration provides. If you need to solve any problems, achieve your goal, or just want to be a Kievite, to maximize the benefit of the legal and economic benefits, social opportunities that open the current Kiev registration — registration Kiev is undeniably necessary and important, and its cost is much less when compared with the benefits to be acquired.


Temporary registration or registration in Kiev

Making a registration in Kiev, registration in Kiev through the Registration Center is absolutely legal, cheap and fast.

  • Legal — registration takes place strictly in the state administrations of Kiev, with your control and participation.
  • Cheap — because you can “buy” a registration at a price that is less than 10 hryvnia per day.
  • Quickly — the law itself requires a temporary registration during the day.


Kiev registration — documents, we will determine important details of the registration process, we will reveal a typical scheme of our actions during registration, we will note to whom, and why Kiev registration is required.


Registration in Kiev — documents, registration procedure, why and who needs

Registration in Kiev — documents

  • For compatriots — a passport, for foreigners — a certificate of permanent residence, or residence permit.
  • If you have an ID passport, you must have a certificate of registration or lack thereof.
  • For men up to 60 years old — a registration certificate, military ID.


Registration procedure

  • We discuss the time convenient for everyone to visit the district state administration, meet and fill out the required applications, register in the electronic queue and go to the administrator’s office with a set of documents, pay the state registration fee.
  • We provide you with documents that give us the right to register.
  • If the submitted documents do not contradict the law, the administrator forms a case and prints a document with your data, the number of the case for registration, a personal signature and seals it.
  • After successful registration, a message from the administration about the result of registration will be sent to your phone.
  • You visit the administration and pick up a document with a registration on the basis of a document previously issued by the administration containing your data with the case number.


Registration in Kiev is necessary for

  • Registration of benefits, various payments, pensions.
  • For treatment in state medical institutions of Kiev with significant discounts.
  • Foreigners with permanent residence permit or residence permit of Ukraine.
  • To claim Form 13.
  • Opening work visas.
  • Doing business.
  • Legal actions with property.
  • Employment in the capital.
  • Car registration in Kiev.
  • Receive card Kiev.
  • Subsidy arrangements.
  • Operational receipt of a passport in Kiev.
  • Selection of a convenient hospital.
  • Making adolescents in kindergartens, schools.
  • Bank account opening.
  • Making customs payments.
  • Registration of a driver’s license.
  • Implementation of financial transactions.


Our advantages

  • Low price.
  • The absolute legality of registration.
  • Paperwork up to 15 minutes (registration is carried out in 2-3 hours).
  • Full support on all registration issues.
  • Renewal of your registration.
  • Issuance of Form 13 as a result of registration.
  • Registration is carried out strictly in apartments owned by our company.
  • We inform you about your incoming mail.


Our guarantees

  • If the ordered and paid service has not been completed, and the specialists of our company are to blame for this, we will instantly compensate the entire cost.
  • We provide you with a package of required housing documents required for registration.


Dear customers, remember — we individually, responsibly, confidentially approach the solution of your problems, we work thanks to you and for you.

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