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Residence permit in Kiev, registration

If you need registration in Kiev in just three hours, officially and cheaply, our Center provides a registration service in Kiev. We help to register with our compatriots, citizens of foreign countries, persons from the eastern regions of Ukraine, Crimea, families with adults or small children.

In comparison with competitors – registration in Kiev, we are made exclusively in our apartments – this is a guarantee for our clients from various surprises and misunderstandings with unpredictable apartment owners. For men of military age we help to become registered in the local military registration and enlistment office.

You can buy a registration in Kiev at the lowest price, officially, quickly and with our full support. Our company processes all incoming letters and informs you, if necessary – we can extend the registration. We can quickly issue a foreign passport in Kiev. If necessary, help change passport of Ukraine (blue book) to biometric plastic. We will help to paste a photo into the Ukrainian internal passport.

Kiev registration for foreigners is made in just 15 minutes. To foreign citizens we help to issue a residence permit, we correctly organize the filing for the citizenship of Ukraine. We provide our consent, if necessary – notarized, as the owners of the apartment (SMS is required, for the registration of permanent residence). If a foreigner has overdue the registration time – we help to solve this problem.


Registration in Kiev – buy cheap, officially, quickly

How much today is a registration in Kiev or Kiev region, what is the benefit from it, is registration necessary for a full-fledged life in the capital?

Not so long ago in society, the notion "to buy a registration in Kiev for money" appeared – this phrase completely corresponds to the current conditions of life, if you are thinking "Why do I need a registration?" – The decision to accept certainly to you. In order to really feel like a capital resident, and to make maximum use of all the economic and, naturally, social opportunities and benefits that registration gives – a registration Kiev is 100% needed, and its cost is much lower compared to the benefits received.


Temporary registration or registration in Kiev

To issue a temporary registration in Kiev through our legal Center is always fast, cheap, and legal.

  • Quickly – the law obliges to make a "temporary" registration within one day.
  • It is cheap, since it is possible to purchase a "registration" for a price that is much less than ten hryvnia per day.
  • It is completely legal, since the registration procedure itself is carried out by local state administrations, with your personal presence.


We note the main features of registering, the documents provided (in different cases there are differences), consider the procedural moments of our communication during the registration process, describe why, and who needs a Kyiv residence.


Registration in Kiev - documents, registration procedure, why and who needs

Registration in Kiev - documents

  • Passport (internal) citizen of Ukraine.
  • If a clean passport is issued "without seals of registration or discharge," a voucher for withdrawal from the previous place of registration.
  • Temporary certificate (certificate) or military ticket.
  • For foreign citizens legally staying in Ukraine – "certificate of residence permit."


Registration procedure

  • We meet with you in administration (ASC) and together we submit the entire package of necessary documents for registering (registration).
  • We show you, if necessary, our documents confirming our right of tenure, to which we prescribe.
  • After that, the administration will be registered, you will receive ready-made documents with a stamp confirming the registration.


Registration in Kiev is required for

  • Opening business, LLC, registration of founders.
  • Carrying out the necessary notarial procedures.
  • Realization of operations with real estate.
  • Receiving various payments, pensions, social benefits.
  • Passage of treatment on a "free basis" in public hospitals.
  • Choice of a suitable maternity home.
  • For customs clearance, registration of cars in Kiev.
  • Credit arrangements in various financial organizations.
  • Submission of documents for the opening of visas, registration of the passport of Ukraine.
  • Discoveries (salary card) accounts in banking institutions.
  • Children's devices in the gymnasium, secondary schools, kindergartens.
  • Official employment in prestigious organizations of the capital.
  • The choice of a suitable court.


Our advantages

  • The lowest price.
  • The maximum operability of the service (if the documents were handed over in the morning, then immediately after the disaster, the registration will be completed).
  • Registration is carried out only in their apartments.
  • Absolute legal procedure of registration.
  • Integrated support during registration.
  • We extend the registration deadline.
  • We inform you about incoming correspondence during our cooperation.
  • We work without intermediaries.


Our guarantees

  • All our clients are provided, at will, with a package of documents for housing, which confirms that we have the right of ownership of apartments, for the implementation of registration procedures.
  • If the service ordered by you has not been committed through our fault, then the full price will be refunded to you in full.


And most importantly remember – we individually approach each person, work for you and thanks to you.

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